Wash Day: Working Out With Weaves

Wash Day: Working Out With Weaves

wash day

wash day Although I just washed my weave last week, because I’ve been exercising a lot lately, I felt a good shampoo and conditioning session was absolutely necessary again this week.  I swear after playing tennis Saturday morning, my braids felt wet.  Not damp, not moist but WET from sweat!  So, I jumped in the shower and followed the same process of washing and conditioning my weave with diluted Giovanni Smooth as Silk shampoo and Dollar General Moisture Rich conditioner.  Once I rinsed the conditioner, I went for a walk outside so the sun would help my hair dry quickly.  Once dry, I flat ironed it straight for a different look than the curls and flips I wore last week.

Although I am still loving this cut, now that I am playing tennis a few times per week and working out in addition, I really need something that is wash and wear and lower maintenance then having to flat iron or rollerset with each wash.  So I am looking forward to taking this hair down and wearing some high quality curly hair so I don’t have to flat iron to style it every time I wet it.

Anyway, I thought I’d take this time to chat with you about weave care.  As I said earlier, my scalp and hair were literally wet from sweat after exercising.  That is a problem for a few reasons:  sweat dries your hair out and your hair cannot remain wet.  It is of vital importance that those who wear weaves invest in a good hooded dryer so that their hair and scalp can be completely dried after washing, swimming or exercising.  Some ladies who wear curly textures like to re-wet the hair each morning, which can be done with a spray bottle but should not be accomplished by dousing your entire head in water.  Keeping your real hair wet round the clock weakens your hair which can lead to breakage.  If your scalp is damp all the time, it just breeds bacteria and fungus causing all kinds of problems, hair breakage being the least.

So for those who are either wearing or interested in wearing weaves as a low-maintenance protective style while working out heavily, they are definitely a great option.  However, you should be mindful to make sure you DRY your real hair and scalp between washes and workout sessions to keep your hair healthy.  Ain’t nobody got time for any hair setbacks!


  • You’ve been doing well with your workouts. Weaves are part of the no-go styles for me now simply because ordinarily, I sweat in my scalp; add that to workouts and my scalp will yell at me.

    • Thanks! Yeah I don’t mind it when I can simply wash and go with a weave but with this weave that requires curling and such…its a bit much! lol

  • B Dav

    I’ve been working out with a baggy on my head lately. I thought that the salt in my sweat would dry out my hair so I was hoping to combat that by using the heightened body heat to steam my hair.
    Hair doesn’t feel dry despite being a fellow head-sweater, so I’m hoping this will work out since I’m trying to cut down washing frequency.


    • How did it work for you last week Britt? I’m going to order a half wig to allow my hair to rest before my next sew in and I’d like to know how you thought this helped.

      • B Dav

        It worked well! Hair wasn’t dry but scalp was (but I’ve been dealing with that for a few weeks now), so you might want to try it!


  • Nikki

    Thank you for sharing! I’be been searching ajd this is thebest that I have Found.

  • Roline Joeneme

    Love your Posts. I’ve learned a lot in the past three weeks. Im a newbie to Healthy Hair Journey. I was tired of seeing my hair all over the floor. My main task now is keeping my hair moisturize and seal. it’s been going good for two weeks now. My hair stop breaking and it’s also growing. Looking forward to having Long Healthy Hair! 🙂