Travel Tips | Wearing Weave On Vacation & What to Pack

Travel Tips | Wearing Weave On Vacation & What to Pack


One of the most common reasons ladies decide to wear weave is for vacations and honeymoons.  Most often, these trips are during the summer, or in tropical locations so lots of sun, sand and water is involved.  So, you want something easy and water-friendly but glamorous that doesn’t require much effort while vacationing?  Weaves are definitely the way to go!  Let’s jump into my tips for wearing weave on vacation – hair type, installation method, and more.

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Type of Hair

For the lowest maintenance hairstyle, opt for curly, kinky or even wavy textured hair for your sew-in.  Water won’t ruin the style so you can swim as often as you like without worrying about your hair. Please don’t be the girl sitting on the side of the pool talking about not wanting to get your hair wet!  Also, black hair blends easier with kinky and curly hair so you won’t feel pressured to have perfectly laid edges or leave out at all times.  Choose a hair type that is close to your natural hair.  So if you have relaxed hair a non-silky wavy hair type is probably best so you can braid your hair at night to mimic the waves.  If you are natural, go with kinky or curly hair.


Make your appointment a week before your vacation.  This gives your hair time to loosen up if needed; But make sure you don’t have too much tension on your natural hair.  Also, this gives you a week to test out which curl enhancing products work best on the hair so you will know what to pack.

Leave as little hair out as possible to protect your hair as much as possible and eliminate the need for constant “blending.”  Closures are great because they give the illusion of having a natural part.  If you want to be able to pull the hair up into a ponytail, leave a tiny amount of hair out around the edges to cover the tracks.


  • Conditioning Cleanser:  I prefer conditioning cleansers like Hair One because it cleans your hair but also leaves it feeling soft and conditioned, NOT just a clean.  The great thing is Sally’s sells these in travel sized bottles if you don’t want to do your own transfer process.  These are safe for use everyday and you can use a clarifying shampoo once you return back home.
  • Curly Holding Product:  Pack a lightweight gel or mousse that won’t cause buildup or turn white as soon as water hits it.  Just something for extra control in the humidity and to make those curls pop!  I picked up a travel size of Design Essentials Curl Enhancing Mousse from my local beauty supply store.
  • Spray Bottle:  Water is your friend!  Refresh your curls each morning with water and finger comb tangles out.
  • Edge Controlling Product:  I transferred my favorite edge control product (Design Essentials Sleek Edge Control Max) to a travel jar.  Although I’m not worried about having perfect edges, if I decide to pull my hair back, I want them to be neat.
  • Silk or Satin Pillowcase:  If you are on a your honeymoon or a romantic vacation, then you may not want to rock a bonnet and/or scarf every night!  Take a satin pillowcase to help keep those tangles at bay but still keeping it cute at night.
  • Paddle Brush (Optional):  If you have looser curl pattern, then you probably will need a paddle brush to help detangle the hair and clump the curls together.  Kinkier textures usually just need a good finger combing, so you may not need this.
  • Perm Rods (Optional):  If your hair doesn’t closely match the weave and you’ve left hair out, then you may need to use perm rods to roll your hair at night.  As mentioned earlier, to avoid this headache leave out as little hair as possible.
  • Accessories:  I packed a few bobby pins (long and short), some elastics, headbands, a Goody clip and a flexi-8 barrette.

That’s it!  You don’t need to take a lot of products, the entire point is that your hair is low maintenance and doesn’t require much.