Weekend Hair Ramble – Ceramides.& Protective Styling

Weekend Hair Ramble – Ceramides.& Protective Styling

Hello ladies and Happy Sunday!  Lemme just put it right out there.  I love hemp oil.  Like I LOVE it.  Um, lemme see how I can truly convey how I feel about it through the power of words.  Remember when you first learned to wrap your hair?  When you combed it down and had perfectly smooth hair with the perfect amount of “bend” at the ends? And you felt the skies had opened up, the sun was beaming directly on you and God had given you a secret hair weapon?  WELL THAT’S HOW I FEEL ABOUT HEMP OIL!  Jeni, you were totally right.  I have mixed it into my DC and gotten amazing results.  Then Jeni said she uses it as her pre-poo oil and so I did the same and OMG.  This hemp oil…….bayyyybeeeeeeee, its awesome!  My hair is extremely soft (which EVCO does also) and in addition the cuticles feel super smooth.  Even my ends, which you remember not only looked thin but felt rough.  Smooth, soft hair from root to tip.  I do not warm the oil though or sit under the heat cap as it has been said that heat degrades hemp oil.  More info to come on ceramides…I’m gonna do a lil research on how and why they benefit the hair, but a couple of my preliminary reads said that it in essence attracts water and decreases the friction co-efficient (which would account for the smoothness I’m describing).  I also out a little on my ends before I did my bantu knot out set, and baggied (greenhouse effect) overnight.  So far, I think it works best with baggying.  When I tried it just to seal in the morning on loose hair…I didn’t really like the results.  In any event, so far I am in love with it.
Last week, I wore a bantu knot out the first half of the week and phony ponytails the second half of the week.  I think I’m going to stick with this plan for the rest of the year.  That way I won’t get bored with my real hair and slack off, and I won’t get frustrated with the restrictions of protective styling.  Plus, I actually did deep condition mid week, so throwing my hair under a wig or phony pony makes it easy to stick to that since I don’t have to style my hair.  No matter what – by no means will I use any form of direct heat until 2012.  Currently, I’m sitting with my hemp oil on with a couple of shower caps trying to get up enough energy to wash and DC.  I have been feeling really run down lately for some odd reason, I even overslept for church today.  I guess I needed the extra rest.  I really want to rollerset, but if just washing seems like a daunting task, IDK about rollersetting.  But I feel like I need to get back in the swing of doing it because next year I would like to use absolutely NO direct heat.  That’s going to be my personal challenge.  I am really interested to see if my growth and retention will be increased.
  • Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Told you! YAY! I’m so happy it’s working wonderfully for you!! 🙂 I carry some in a 2 oz spray bottle in my bag so I can rub a little on on my hair through out the day. I’d addicted to smooth hair hahah.

  • Lawd….

    **goes out to find hemp oil**

  • great…now i got to get some hem oil, lol

    so happy you liked it…

  • @Jenijen

    Yes you did! I have no shame in agreeing 100% with “I toldja so”! So glad I listened!!!

  • @Shika
    Girl, I know…I know. Why do you think it took me so long to try it?! Its expensive plus I have a zillion oils, but I’m so glad I bought this one!

  • I’m with Shika… *goes out to find hemp oil..*

  • GIrl youve got me wanting to go buy some hemp oil ASAP!

  • @*My Healthy Hair Journey
    I noticed you said “natural” oils were on your shopping list, I would definitely make one of them hemp oil. Its pricey, but you only need a little and I said, it makes a huge difference!

  • @High Heels
    I know girl, I’m terrible! lol

  • @Texlaxed yes and please let us know how you like it!

  • Mandy

    Another thing I will have to revisit!