Welcome to Longing 4 Length

Welcome to Longing 4 Length


I’ve been on my HHJ since May of 2009 and finally decided to create my own blog.  I began documenting my journey through the many forums I am a member of and my YouTube page – but recently I’ve started to get more questions about my hair.  Usually whenever I receive a message, I take the time to respond in great detail because in my opinion the “hair world” is a very helpful and friendly place.  Women are full of compliments and extremely willing to offer encouragement and advice – myself included.  As much as I love to do that, it would be so much easier to direct someone to my blog for answers as I don’t always have a recorded video on every single topic.

As this is a newly created blog – it is a work in progress!  Check out the top links for my regimen, products, hair history, and progress pictures.  My youtube page (http://www.youtube.com/EbonyCPrincess) is a wealth of information as well regarding my hair journey.  Currently I am just grazing BSL.  I hope to claim it by September 2011.

May 2011:
longing 4 lengthebonycprincess

Thank you for visiting and I’ll be back soon!

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Ebony C. Princess
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  • Yay! Welcome to the blogging world!!

  • Congrats on your blog and wishes for continued success on your HHJ!

    CurlieBelle aka BHM’s prettypeal09

  • Good luck on your HHJ! I will definitely be following along!

    All the best,

  • Yaaaay! Welcome to the bloggers world! P.S. I’m gonna need a hair dictionary.. what is BSL?