Wendy Williams Hair World, Are You Here For It?

Wendy Williams Hair World, Are You Here For It?

wendy williams hair world

wendy williams hair world Confession time.  I am an AVID Wendy Williams fan.  While the world at large may just be getting to know her through her internationally syndicated daytime talk show, The Wendy Williams Show, those of us fortunate enough to be from the east coast have been familiar with Ms. Williams for years via her former radio days.  Well, somehow the drama, gossip and overall entertainment won me over years ago and I’ve been following her career ever since – including purchasing nearly all of her books!!!  So, since I have such a long standing relationship with Wendy (all in my head of course) I know quite a bit about her dependency on wigs and fake hair of all kinds.  She actually has naturally long hair of a very loose curl pattern and has never ever had a relaxer – but it began thinning somewhere between her late twenties and early thirties.  Actually, while on radio Wendy posted photos of her natural hair to her then website for the radio show, The Wendy Williams Experience.  Since then all the photos have magically disappearred from the internet – Wendy does NOT play when it comes to legalities and protecting her privacy so that doesn’t surprise me.

But take it from me, add-ins were definitely neccessary; Wendy’s hair was about bra strap length or longer (which is impressive considering she is nearly six feet tall) but embarrassingly thin.  Initially she began wearing clip-in extensions but soon became a “full time wiggy.”  On her YouTube series, The Wendy Williams Aftershow, Wendy talked at length last year about being resistant to launching wig line.  Her reasoning made complete sense:  Wendy knew she could not offer the type of wigs she actually wears at an affordable price and that they are completely customized by her personal stylist..  She threw shade about other celebrities who have hair and wig lines but would never be caught dead in their own cheap ass wigs (ahem, Vivica Fox, Beverly Johnson?) and did not want to do the same.  Therefore it was a shock to many of her faithful fans when she announced that she would be introducing her wig line, Wendy Williams Hair World, in a few short weeks.

wendy williams hair world

Being the slight stan that I am, I ordered a catalouge from Especially Yours through which Wendy did a soft launch to get an early glance.  Later, Wendy actually revealed the most expensive wig from the line on camera via the aftershow series.  With a hefty $799 price tag, I struggle to see its worth.  While beautiful, the exact wig Wendy wore is NOT what you will receive for your $800.  As she has always said, her version had additional hair sewn into it, was custom colored, cut and curled by her Emmy-award winning stylist, Antwon Jackson.  I’ll be real with you…for $800 I feel I shouldn’t have to do a thing to the unit!  A little tweaking is fine, and most times necessary but purchasing MORE hair to add to an otherwise handtied unit?  Nawwww Wendy, you know that ain’t right!

wendy williams hair world
Same picture, totally different price.

Photos of the other wigs were also disappointing and appear to be nothing special beyond what is already being offered by the likes of Outre, Sensationnel, Beverly Johnson and others.  Plus, I absolutely HATE that (to date) real photos of each wig are not being used in ads.  The same exact headshot of Wendy in her customized $800 unit is placed with at least four different wigs/products.   This left me wondering what each actual wig looks like because we all know an $80 wig and an $800 wig do not look the same!  C’mon now Wendy, as you have said yourself, you are one of the only celebrities with a hair line who actually wears a wig every.single.day.  So you should know better than to not have accurate photos from various angles of your wigs!  Some of the wigs are actually cute, but with the internet and companies selling lace wigs directly from China with no middle man, I just don’t believe Wendy’s wigs are anything special to splurge on.

Okay, while the wigs are a disappointment to me, I am impressed and plan to purchase other items she offers which – to my knowlege – are completely exclusive to her line.  There are the adorable pink wig heads with extra long necks to store your wigs properly – anyone who has every used a styrofoam head knows how important the long neck is to accomodating the length of hair of your various wigs.  Then there is my favorite product, an animal print wig suitcase!!!  Complete with a travel wig head which sits on a spindle to prevent the wig from moving about, I have never seen anything like this product!  Now, if you DO decide to buy the $800 wig…at least you will have the equipment needed to keep it looking beautiful for years to come.  She also will be selling shampoos, conditioners and hair care products…which I also will probably pass on.  After all, let’s be real what does Wendy know about keeping the hair that’s on your head?  Kenya Moore, yes.  Wendy?  Not exactly.

Overall, although I am a fan of Wendy herself and admire her business savvy – she’s in the Radio Hall of Fame, has an internationally syndicated talk show, is a New York Times best seller, Broadway actress – I doubt I’ll be patronizing Wendy Williams Hair World for my wig needs.  Or maybe someone in her camp will see my initial review and there will be some changes made?  Ha!  I only wish I had that kind of influence!

What say you?  Wendy Williams Hair World, fan or no?

  • Sasha

    I had no idea about Wendy Williams’ hair story. Thanks for sharing this.

  • guest

    Wow, I wish I would have read this before buying. I ordered the everyday Wendy wig on sale. Hopefully I will like it. Thanks for the article. You made valid points!!

    • No problem! If you received it by now, I’m curious for your thoughts?

  • MrsDjRass

    Nice review!
    I love Wendy, but that doesn’t mean I have to like everything she does:-)

    • Absolutely, that is my sentiment exactly. This one is a swing and a miss for me…

  • From Mrs. to Mom

    I’m kinda excited about the pink wig head…. she has them everywhere for her wigs and I always thought they were too cute! Plus I agree with the long neck- I’m glad she put some thought into that.

    • I can’t lie, I am too. And I’m almost certain I’ll be buying that wig suitcase. My family is gonna have a ball teasing me about it…but ahhhhh well! LMBO!

  • I like your review, because I was really interested in her wigs. Especially when I saw the Blonde “root realness” one that she wore on the after show. But you make a lot of good points about the fact that she does have a major wigologist amplifying her wigs. Thank you for this review. I still want to check out her wig line when it officially launches but I’ll definitely keep your points in the back of my mind.

    • You are welcome. And the other thing that really annoys me about the line is she said in her aftershow that if you want more fullness you can purchase the hair extensions from the line and add it in. Ok, but then when I looked at the hair extensions they were human/synthetic BLENDS. So you are saying I’m gonna pay $800 for the human hair wig, have to buy more hair to make it fuller, sew it in myself and its not even the SAME human hair? Nahhhhhhhhhh son.
      I am however hoping the full line will be a bit of an improvement on my issues with the line so far.

  • Poule

    Very good article, hopefully someone of her staff Will read it cause it is coming from a big fan who knows what she is talking about. Thank you

  • Jeremy Garfield

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