Wet Wrapping, Straight Hair, No Effort!

Wet Wrapping, Straight Hair, No Effort!

Longing 4 Length How to Wet Wrap

Longing 4 Length

Remember when wet wrapping was all the rage in the nineties?  Well, I hated it.  With a sincere and very deep passion.  I remember the stylist wrapping my hair while it was sopping wet with a fine toothed comb no less!  Then I would be directed to sit under the dryer for HOURS.  After the first hour, they would check my (very thick) hair and realizing it was still damp, they’d use their fingers to disrupt the shape of the wrap so the air and heat from the dryer could reach the deeper layers of hair.  Then after the second hour, it still would not be dry and they’d proceed to blow dry it.  Each time I’d think, why didn’t we just start at this point?  Finally after a few experiences like this, I learned to speak up and refuse the wet wrap from the beginning.  Then when I went to college, I was introduced to the wonderful world of rollersetting and I haven’t done a wet wrap since.

A few months ago, I was reading a post from Shar of The Awkward Stage and she said she’d wet wrapped her hair that week. What struck me as interesting is that Shar’s hair is as thick, probably thicker, than mine and definitely longer.  I was like holy crap, SHE can do a wet wrap?  Maybe with my amazing dryer I should revisit the idea.  As you know, during this week’s wash day I did an amla treatment for the first time, which was very time consuming so I didn’t have it in me to rollerset after all of that.  But, I did want to wear my hair straight and using heat was out since I just flat ironed last week.  So, after applying a bit of my leave-in conditioner (Bee Mine Deja’s Hair Milk), I applied a few pumps of Jane Carter Wrap n’ Roll (the same wrapping lotion Shar used actually) and used my wide toothed seamless comb to begin the wrap.  Once it was in the general shape, I went back over it to really smooth the hair into place.  I sat under my Pebco dryer for about 30 minutes, after which my hair was clearly still damp.  But I just covered with a scarf and went to bed.

Wet Wrapping Results

The next morning, it was still a bit wet and I could have sat back under the dryer, but I decided to just keep it wrapped for the day.   I applied some Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer and grapeseed oil around the wrap, slapped on my full PL wig and went about my day.  That night, I checked my hair and realized it was completely dry.  But, since it had been 24 hours + some dryer time, I figured it should be at that point, right?  Anyway, the following morning I unwrapped it and I was shocked at how straight and smooth my hair was!  I had some puffiness at the roots at the VERY center of my head, where the wrap wasn’t as smooth, but overall I couldn’t believe after all this time…I finally did a wet wrap!  To smooth and add a bit of shape, I quickly rolled my hair on five jumbo 1″ flexirods (green) to shower and dress and once removed my hair was perfection.

So, yes this was a two day process but honestly, totally worth it.  It took almost no effort, is low manipulation, kept my hair protected for two days, required no heat and gave me a perfect straight hairstyle!  What more could I ask for?!  Thanks Shar, for giving me the inspiration to try this style again because based on my memories from the 90’s had it not been for you…I would have welcomed death before trying to do a wet wrap again!

  • Erratic Assassin

    This has been how I’e been doing my hair lately because I just don’t have the patience these days for a roller set. The only thing is that it takes so long to dry.

    • Me either! I keep “wanting” to go back to rollersetting but I haven’t done one yet in 2013. This is exactly why full BSL is my final stop!

  • Candice

    I don’t trust myself to do a wet wrap but yours look great 🙂

  • Andrea Bonds

    Oh my goodness! You are making me miss my wet wraps even more. I loved loved loved my wet wraps. They were so quick and easy, but now that I’m transitioning to texlaxed they are out of the questions for sure. My hair is not very thick so it would just take me a few ours to air dry and once unwrapped…perfection! Great results, Ebony!

    • Thanks! I love the results too! I don’t even mind how long it takes to dry because I’m home and not sitting in a shop somewhere! lol

  • Mandy

    Hi, how do you care for your new growth?

    • Well, I don’t stretch for too long so it isn’t very difficult for me, but mostly I leave it alone. I try not to manipulate it too much once I get beyond around 8-9 weeks, and either just bun it or wear a wig until touch up time. Sorry, I know I am not much help but truly that is what I do!

  • HollyM

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I am tired of using a flat iron but could never master wrapping my hair (usually when dry). I’m going to experiment with a wet wrap now thanks to you!

  • Frio

    I stumbled across this post looking for info on wet wrapping. I’m interested in trying a wet wrap but I’m not sure if it’ll work on my hair. Is this only for relaxed/straightened hair or would it work on natural hair? My hair is like tight corkscrew spirals and I have a lot of it but the individual strands are very thin and smooth. I basically never do anything other than wash and go, rarely flatiron but this seems like a promising way to mix it up without causing damage.

    • Frio

      Oops, sorry to comment on such an old thread.