What Does the Grading System Mean for Hair Extensions?

What Does the Grading System Mean for Hair Extensions?


Letter Grading Hair Extensions A reader recently asked what the letter grading systems mean in terms of hair extensions.  For those who are unfamiliar, a lot of new hair companies and Chinese vendors have began labeling their hair as 5A, 6A, AAA – leaving consumers confused as to what those letters indicate.

Great question!  I’m going to answer in two parts – the technical response and my opinion.  Technically the higher the letter rating, the better the quality of hair.  So, 6A would be considered “best” while AAA is mediocre.  My opinion?  It’s a bunch of crap.  It is a good idea in theory, but that is exactly what it is – a theory.  There is no governing body that regulates these ratings, nor is there a standard set of requirements that need to be met in order to give your hair a certain rating.  So of course most companies – especially those on Instagram and YouTube – are going to say their hair is 6A!  In fact, when I first starting seeing the letter rating, the highest that even existed was 5.  Then someone had the bright idea to go one better with 6.  I’m not knocking anyone’s hustle, I mean if 5 is good then 6 must be great right?  Instagram hair companies are good for it!  But what does it actually mean?  Not much.

Some sources say 3A means it is all virgin hair, 5A guarantees the cuticles are in the same direction, so forth and so on.  I don’t put stock into any of it; In fact well established, reputable companies don’t even bother with this nonsense.  A rating system is only helpful if there is a regulatory organization and/or requirements that must be met for each grade.  Otherwise, anyone can label their product with whatever grade they want.  After all, who gonna check ’em boo?


  • This is great info. I don’t wear weaves, but I learn so much from your weave/wig posts! Keep them coming!

    • I’m so glad! I feel like everyone just needs to know so they won’t get duped!

  • Mandy

    Thank you, this post cleared a lot of things up! I love your posts!

  • blutifulblaq

    After doing research on sew-in weaves I am slightly overwhelmed!! I had no idea of the different types of weaves and hair! I’m tempted to just go in the salon and let them have their way, but I don’t want to suffer a set back! I have no idea if I should go with salon hair or purchase my own. I have a salon who is quoting me a “discount” of $140 for a reversible weave with a hair net. I’m still waiting for a response as to the type of hair used. Is this reasonable? What other questions should I be asking?

    • Danyelle Acosta

      If you are interested at Beautiful Hair by Jay they offer Grade 8A Hair. They stand by their quality. Simple the best. #BHBJ Don’t buy salon remember they add on their price at well.

  • VirginHair Grades 5A 6A 7A 8A

    Our Virgin hair at http://www.Goddessweaves.com grade system story 5A, 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A & 10AAA 🙂 It is not only graded by hair type or quality but by different regions and the people where the hair in been collected from, I work closely with factories over the years to learn the business inside out and the more I learn the more I had to change how the products are been seen by our clients, we also started with 3A-4A but later learn its processed human hair or blended human hair its better than packaged hair depending on which factory you get it from some can even be dyed and colored to about #4-#8 but its not recommended….

    After many Factory samples/testing I found a higher grade which can be dyed and bleached to #27 that became our 5A which I learn from factory source its multiple donors but many factories/companies will say from one donor, fact is if hair is from one donor the weft will only be about 3oz each, so 6A is considered 1 donor but in fact its more like 2 donors to make one weft, Then we started sourcing from India so I figured why not name it 7A:) I love Indian virgin remy hair and 7 is my favorite number so that worked out well, after that I figured would source from different regions and as I found new hair suppliers I would also grade each category the same, so Cambodian/Mongolian source was found give us our 8A, Russian Virgin, Then 9A Bangladeshi and few other in between such as handtied/micro weft made it on 7A-9A list, finally I still needed one more space to more it a perfect 10A:) so I figured Double drawn it can be design from any of the other hair types, it was perfect! soon after the Asian suppliers started coping and you know once they got it it spread like while fire lol , but in our store the grade 6A+ is Virgin remy! , but to be honest the best way to be certain your buying unprocessed hair of steamed or chemicals just keep it simply get natural straight hair otherwise do expect it to have had some form of processed to design that perfect unrealistic style you know does not grow on anyone head that way, which is why Natural Indian wavy/straight wavy is my favorite its completely original patterns, every bundle unique, and ladies Indian people also have med & course hair so ask for it if you need:) with us you can be sure your not getting all Asian factory hair been rename higher grades to gain profit our store really have exotic donor hairs from different cultural, you will have a real new hair experience and do not compare other cultural hair to steam processed Asian hair so try them all see which you love best, I recommend the 9A Bangladeshi hair I also love it!:)

    Our description has been copied and reword for these grade types all over the internet but we we learn of any changes from our inside factory source we will also upgrade these meaning accordingly, until dont be shy give us a try:)

    • Thanks for sharing your system and experience!

    • Goddess4life

      update on site, , this rabbit hole gets deeper.. am will tell you what dirty little secrets I found out at the bottom!!:) checkout the update…

      • Kish

        Where’s the follow up? lol I want to read about the rabbit hole…..

        • I find it better to create new grade system and thats Just what I’ve done:) Currently that grade system outside of my store ( which is use mainly for google search ) is been used to mislead …so its best to let it go… slowly doing just that, until then i have made it as simply as possible to shop best quality above market standards http://www.wigzitis.com

          • Update site: http://thickweaves.com , Live chat with any questions onsite, the grade system was never any good outside of our website. Its seems the main consumers are finally figuring out the human hair factories never had a grade system above 5a – 10a until 5-6 yrs ago because I (Lorna) designed it for my clients . #1Love We’re here when your seeking official Raw virgin hair supplier.:)

    • Now we have new system:) Ladies always available for a chat 301-244-9763 to keep you informed on what you need to know in this industry , p.s India started using the Chinese stolen grade system.. LOL , Its all marketing!!!

  • R&J Goddess

    Ever heard the saying, “You has a good grade of hair.”?
    The Grading system is a very real thing. Although you are correct in saying anyone can slap any label on something and say it’s something that it’s not however, that does not negate the fact that the Grading system is genuine.

    In short, lower grades of hair are your hairs that may not have been maintained as well by the donor or maybe come from sickly individuals and sometimes it is even hair that has simply been swept up from the floor, put together however, without any attention the alignment of the cuticle and sewn onto a weft.

    The higher grades of hair are hairs that have been very maintained, almost “spoiled” if you will, by the donor. These hairs have never been exposed to any harsh chemicals such as bleach or dyes or perms. The donors of these hairs have taken great precautions in the protection of their hair. These are usually single drawn (taken from ONE donor) which allows for more consistency in the bundle and these hairs are always remy (cuticles aligned to promote natural luster, avoid shedding, matting and tangling).

    It is sad that some people sell poor quality hair as “High grade” when it isn’t.

    • Danyelle Acosta

      Only some can actually be verified as good quality. Try Beautiful Hair by Jay. Never got as many compliments on my hair as when I started using their products. Now I know not all hair is the same. Even my family thought is was mine it is so natural.

  • Thank you for explaining the grading system; for years I could not figure it out especially since I recently saw a grade 10….goodness what could that mean..LOL Thanks again. f

    • You would love our 10A:) Need Top quality virgin hair? Try us today!!! http://www.weaveimports.com , also VIP Goddess Collection >>> http://www.ggoddessimports.com , Lets Chat while you shop

    • All those grades started with us, so if any-store know its true meaning its ours….take a sample of all to see why we grade them so… remygoddess.com
      10A is Raw original, most ladies use to buying relax textures and dont really know to care for Raw virgin and cost is 3 times regular quality been sold everywhere….

  • rich

    “Chinese vendors have began labeling their hair…”

    hey, chief editor, you have some work to do.

  • Goddess4life

    Its impossible to have a one grade system for each hair type, especially when they all come from same region, (Asia as the grade system is been use now to market same grade of Asian hair) Each supplier/factory hair is collected from different donors and regions and process under different factory regulations, its simply impossible to have all 5A be same, or 6A, 7A 8A etc…… so ladies if your going around looking for highest grade for cheapest prices you are about to get scammed, as your still getting same hair that was saying 3A last year or 5A this year…, now it change to 7A, 8A, 9A 10A higher price same quality.. as we all know what Chinese does best, they COPY everything and sell it cheaper!!! They have no moral code of what is right or wrong , so they will say 10A and send you 3A quick if your gullible enough to believe you can get highest grade of real authentic quality virgin hair for same cheap price of 3A/5A etc… matter of fact I dont believe china has anything 100% except rice!!! So if your not buying rice dont expect it to be 100%!!!

    • Hello, Ladies we are rebranding 🙂 Check us out >>> http://www.weaveimports.com , also VIP Goddess Collection >>> http://www.ggoddessimports.com , Lets Chat while you shop suggestions base on your request. , If you find something you like, Use code ” TopRemy25″ on orders of $300+ to take $25 off:) , Happy Holiday’s, Stay Beautiful & Safe!!!

      • update Ladies save $35 use discount code VIPGODDESS #Buy Long lasting, Beautiful quality remy hairs, original raw virgin hairs, No shedding, No Tangles! http://www.ggoddessimports.com , live chat with questions onsite…. see you there:)

  • Absolutely right,now after almost 2 years after,the 5A is now the “low quality” hair,there is 7A 8A 9A grade pops up! There is no standards about this!I work in several hair factories in China and I know how they define these terms!
    Actually when we say the hair is virgin,it should be no chemical processed! But on the net you can see everyone is selling “virgin hair”.That is really confused for customers!

    • I think its the idea… create confusion and its been working for long time , sadly many really believe pure virgin hair is so cheap, We know china is know for copying, many know the quality is low and process!!! but buy and reprocess the already process cheap hairs , dont care for it and expect it to last forever, if not they do charge back paypal for used hair and of course paypal assist the nonsense, if they lose case they go tell lies about your business…#sad … I when to a client home as she needed another bundle, this lady had hair in 3 months no washing, hair feel like glue is on it with so much build up:( like how are we to monitor how buyer care for hair to be responsible for the out come after its been abused as this client has done? Just invest i premium grade it last longer, yes cost bit more but it last all year if no bleaching/dying which does destroy the protective cuticles, so hair will not be exactly same and wont last as long as if its kept natural… especially if its not washed weekly or at least deep conditioner weekly…,Just basic comb with conditioner daily/nightly, twist/plait/braid & cover the hair!!!

  • Summer

    Don’t think that Real Housewives of ATL reference didn’t go unnoticed. 😉

  • Candance Winters

    I have really gave up on playing the guessing game in what grade is what. I have caught so many of them in lies about grades of hair and prices that I started saying send me the hair and I will judge for myself. #Hetic. I think at the end of the day its what texture and price you feel comfortable with and with paying. I have been wearing Monet Cartier Hair Boutique Burmese Curly, so I cant really complain. Its 100xs better than guessing hair grades from china.

    • Ellie Mae Ratchet

      hi, i went to the website to see this hair. very beautiful. but they dont show pics of anyone actually wearing it. it looks sorta like the look i need. but hard to judge when its just laying there not installed. do u have pic?

  • Real Observation

    Her import chicago… Real hair

    If it has a grade it’s not real hair

    • GoldGoddess10A

      I have Grades , oh thats right I created it! So it wouldnt mean anything else anywhere else! http://www.thickweaves.com

  • New custom made to order Grade system, 100% base on over 15years professional , personal experience & Unquestioned knowledge of Virgin Hair grades as I wrote the original grade system from 5A to 10A which was stolen and been misused to sell same chinese crappy hairs. I am applying my insiders factory operation knowledge to our clients orders, from our affordable to luxury quality, we will exceed your expectations>>> http://www.wigzitis.com , https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1760addcfa659bc9382fbb101bddcdf421276f498e80e23474f867d03cc8d15e.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/470b578724e90dd60a8a86a1de978cba01d366368a0559c8381f7345295b34d2.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ebbbd95625568023e1f991dfdbc37d8fe5c99440ee4eb74c5595073ffd0dee7c.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8c5b0e8e7552bda76a7b7e8d89a53242a393325bde50c43ce026e465ead9fc60.jpg live chat as always available and still offers wholesales

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