What if I Run Out of Moisturizer? A Conversation With Mommy

What if I Run Out of Moisturizer? A Conversation With Mommy

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Mommy & I

The other day my mother and I were talking and she proudly told me “My hair is fabulous!  It’s so healthy, shiny and soft!  Even your Aunt Teenie complimented me and I told her yes, its all because of my Ebbie!”  Not to toot my own horn, but ’tis true – my mother never took excellent care of her hair partially because she didn’t believe it would make such a huge difference.  Always keeping it done at the salon, she was guilty of applying heat repeatedly between visits, not always covering at night and getting her to moisturize daily was one of the hardest tasks ever!  Plus, I encouraged (okay threatened) her to transition to natural because she suffered with extreme breakage and thinning.  I told her “Look…you cannot continue to color your hair and relax, pick one!”  Well my mom would rather die than walk around with gray hair so through wigs and braids she grew out her relaxer.

jane carter nourish and shine

Getting my mom to moisturize AND seal daily just was not going to happen so I told her to try Jane Carter’s Nourish and Shine.  This is a great butter based product that moisturizes adequately despite not being water based and does not require an oil to seal because of its ingredients (mostly butters and oils).  That was key for my mom, she uses it every night and her hair is thriving.

Okay, so back to our conversation.  Right after bragging about her hair:

Mommy says “I ran out of my Jane Carter though.  What should I do?”
I responded: Get some more.
Mommy:  Okay…but in the meantime what can I use?
Me:  Silence
Mommy:  Can I just use coconut oil for now?
Me:  No!  Didn’t you just tell me how well the Jane Carter was working?  What are you talking about?
Mommy (in an exasperated voice): Ebony.  I don’t have any Nourish & Shine.  Now tell me what I can put on my hair!
Me:  Mommy, it’s 8 o’clock.  Run to Target and get another jar.
Mommy:  Look I am not going all the way to Target tonight!  And I can’t go tomorrow either because I’ll be working in King of Prussia, so tell me out of all these hair products you have up in here, what can I use?
Me:  Mom, what would you do if you ran out of soap?!  I don’t understand why you are not accepting my answer.  You ran out…get some more.  They have Target, Vitamin Shoppe and Whole Foods in King of Prussia!  It’s simple!
Mommy: I’m about to roll up my hair right now, I’m asking you what I can put on it to moisturize it this very second.
Me: If you ran out of soap this very second…what would you do?
Mommy: starts laughing. Okay Ebony, I get it!
Me: I mean I just don’t understand. You know what works for your hair, you saw the product getting low. I don’t understand how you ran completely out of a necessity! You don’t just run out of soap do you? Toothpaste? Deodorant? NO! When it is getting low, you make sure to replace it!
Mommy: Still laughing. I see, I should start to see this more seriously. Okay, I’ll be sure to get some!

I know my mother – her ‘in the meantime’ means about two weeks or until she begins to see visible breakage or dryness.  I knew if I gave her an alternative she would have continued to put off picking up some more Jane Carter until whenever.  Finally I did direct her to a stash of moisturizer I had under the vanity in my childhood bathroom after stressing that she absolutely MUST pick up the Jane Carter the very next day.

After all of that, I told her “Mom…you just inspired a blog post.”  I mean I can understand running out of your favorite moisturizer because its too expensive, or because its only available through online ordering but in that case you should have a back up product.  I’m not encouraging anyone to be a product junkie or hoarder but you just canNOT run completely out of moisturizer! Seriously to me running out of moisturizer is like running out of soap!

  • Beautiful Me

    HAHAHHAHA!! This was totally funny, I especially like the part where you went silent. Smh, mothers, I just cut my mother’s hair to ear length a few weeks ago because of breakage caused by improper and I still can’t get her to take this thing seriously.

    • I know! The thing is she is STILL bragging about her hair…but still hasn’t picked up the moisturizer! I am ready to scream! lol

  • Robyn

    I am laughing so hard! I wish I could get my mom to listen when I talk about hair. Her edges have thinned SO much, although it’s mostly age and genetics related (my aunt has thin edges as well, and if I’m not super careful, my edges take a beating EASY). If I’ve told her once, I’ve told her a million times – castor oil. Her response? “Your daddy would kick me out of the bed lying next to him with that nasty smelling oil in my head!” Eish, what to do??!!

  • From Mrs. to Mom

    This had me cracking up!!! I can see you yelling but trying not to yell “What would you do if you ran out of soap?!” Please let us know if she went to go get more today because I know how your mom is!

  • Tasia S.

    I don’t know her but I love her! I totally get what you were saying as back in the day, we’d get a tongue thrashing if we ran out of something when we knew we were running out of something. I would have told her water and oil in the meantime just to make her realize its not worth it to run out and because I know back in the day, my mom would make smart comments like that. Today, not so much. I am glad you are there to help her and its nice that she was able to become natural and still color with your help.

  • debbiedebbdeb

    LOL…I’m laughing because I am currently running low on moisturizer and trying to decide when to pick up another bottle.

  • cocokitten

    I thought it was just me. My mom has never passed shoulder length and doesnt believe it will grow past that stage. She says I have long hair cuz she helps me take care of it an cuz i’m supposedly ‘mixed’. I mean, honestly, you see our hair thriving…why not..idk..TAKE OUR ADVICE. I agree, it is like soap…u need it or ur hair will dry up an break…since i found my staple, I havent let it go