The term ‘Healthy Hair Journey’ describes a woman’s decision to take an active role in growing healthy hair and to cease any practices that may cause damage.  These practices may include but are not limited to:

  • Abusing direct heat – daily flat ironing, blow drying hair with excess manipulation, and forgoing heat protectants.
  • Ignorance of hair care – relying completely on stylists to maintain your hair, not educating yourself on healthy hair practices, using products that contain ingredients that have no value for the hair, etc.
  • Neglecting your hair – not washing or conditioning regularly, wearing weave styles much longer than is healthy , not keeping your hair moisturized and piling on styling products with no regard to the state of your hair aside from how it looks.

Therefore a healthy hair journey includes a conscious decision to learn one’s hair, what ingredients and products to which it responds best, and to not leave the fate of your hair completely in someone else’s hands.

Embarking on a healthy hair journey also means being dedicated to a developed regimen (however simple or complex) to achieve the healthiest hair possible.  Most importantly being on a healthy hair journey means a lifelong commitment to taking the best care of your hair you possibly can.  Sure we may have setbacks and slumps but ultimately all healthy hair journeyers know that they will never return to the abusive and/or ignorant hair care practices they did prior to their healthy hair journey.

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