What I’ve Been Doing Differently With My Hair

What I’ve Been Doing Differently With My Hair


I told you in yesterday’s wash day post how amazing my hair has felt lately.  Not just to the touch, but the appearance as well.  Plus when I do the stretch test on shed hair…it seems like it has the absolute perfect balance of moisture and protein.  My ends are not split and it appears to be thick from root to tip (finally!).  It’s shiny and smooth.  I’m so happy with the state of my hair that I decided to document what I have been doing differently – again this is definitely as much for my benefit as it is yours.

  • Vitamins:  I’ve been taking two gummy vitamins per day.  I really should be a grown up and take prenatal vits because I’m anemic and need the extra iron, but if you’ve ever taken iron pills then you KNOW why I don’t wanna.
  • Roll Ka Comb:  This comb is so gentle on my wet hair.  I absolutely love it!
  • Parnevu Hair Mayonnaise:  Why did I ever stop using this product?  It’s the bomb.  Full review coming up soon.
  • I’ve returned to moisturizing with Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Cream moisturizer and sealing with EVCO each and every night.
  • Optimum Care Products (deep conditioning masque & sealing with 6-in-1 Miracle oil in the mornings)
  • Bunning:  I have been wearing a lot more buns consistently then I ever have before.
  • EVCO + Hemp Seed Oil for pre-pooing (as opposed to just hemp seed oil)

That’s all I can think of.  I haven’t used my Kerapro products in a few weeks – not because I was unhappy with them but because I had other products to try and so far, so good!  I don’t want to throw in too many new things all at once so I’m going to not add anything new into the rotation for a few weeks.

I am fascinated by how amazing my hair feels and I’m so happy it is so healthy, especially before I hide it away in weaves.  I know my hair flourishes in sew-ins and having it in such great condition prior to the install gives me so much peace of mind.

  • Enigma

    This is great Ebony, consistency is key, but it pays to know when to flip your products. Can’t wait for your sew-in. I’m particularly interested in your regimen for taking care of your hair under a weave.

  • Nenah

    I’m anemic too. Look for the Slow Release Iron. It’s much easier on the stomach than the regular. I’m not trying to be your mom or anything, but I didn’t take my iron and it caught up with me. 🙁

  • It’s great to hear your hair is thriving! It’s nice to see your hard work is paying off.