Why Don’t Single Product Line Regimens Exist?!

Why Don’t Single Product Line Regimens Exist?!


Hair Ramble Regardless of whether you are relaxed, natural or transitioning…at some point in your hair journey trying new products is fun and almost inevitable.  Some of us are worse than others – but I’m not judging!  The excitement of buying-trying-and-buying usually wears off at some point and the amount of products in your stash ends up being a bit overwhelming.  I’ve seen ladies purge and even form challenges in an attempt to slow their spending and decrease their products:  No buy challenges, Use one buy one, Use two buy one, etc.  Just the fact that such restrictions are even necessary lets us healthy hair journeyers know we are not alone in our obsession…which oddly enough is comforting, right?  At least we are hoarders together!

I began thinking about our hair care needs and the basic products most ladies like to have at their disposal: shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers and an oil.  Then there are the extra products we use on occasion for various styles or special hair needs such as serums, setting lotions, heat protectants, gels or edge controlling pomades, relaxers for relaxed girls and curl enhancers/definers/frizz controllers for naturalistas.  Is it possible to find ALL of these products in one line?

Motions Hair Care Product Line

Definitely not in the natural hair care lines – they definitely don’t have relaxers, they are after all “natural.”  But I’m wondering…is there a product line in existence that contains good quality products with great ingredients that will keep hair healthy from salon to home, relaxed, natural, transitioning and everything in between?

It seems that most of the “retail” brands have one or two awesome products while the rest leave a lot to be desired.  For example, as much as I love the Optimum Care Salon Collection relaxer line…I detest their moisturizers.  They are so heavy and thick and just sit on my hair…because they contain both mineral oil and petroleum.  But the relaxer, deep conditioner, heat protectant are all favorites of mine.  So…do single product line regimens exist?

I came up with a few possibilities:

  • Motions Hair Care:  offers both relaxed and natural products, sulfate free cleansers, daily moisturizers, and a salon product line so even when you choose to see your stylist they could use the same products.  They also have Motions for Kids…which is especially targeted for little ones, which is nice!
  • Elasta QP:  They literally have it all and aside from my precious Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Cream moisturizer have the best moisturizer I’ve ever used (Mango & Olive Oil Butter).  They have everything from relaxers to oil sheen sprays…I can’t think of anything they are lacking.
  • Design Essentials:  Like Motions, Design Essentials has both natural and relaxed product lines and offers professional products as well as those for at home use.  I’m not sure if they offer a quality water based moisturizer though, but a definite pro is that DE is Black owned so I’m always rooting for them although I do not currently use any of their products.
  • Profectiv MegaGrowth:  They recently sent me a whole box of products.  After glancing quickly at the ingredients, I can tell that this line has potential.  The basis is that the products all contain a fair amount of protein, designed to strengthen the hair and prevent breakage.  I’m not sure how well this line will work in the long term though, it all depends on how well balanced with the moisturizing ingredients they are.  Owned by the same company as Elasta QP, which I also found encouraging…we’ll see.
  • Silk Elements:  Exclusively sold at Sally’s Beauty Supply, this line never really did anything for my hair personally but does have some decent products.  They recently jumped onto the natural hair bandwagon most major brands have gotten on and now offer co-washes right along side their relaxers.  NICE!
  • Then you have product lines that may meet all your hair care needs outside of relaxers or if you are natural such as Jane Carter Solutions, Shea Moisture and many many others.

design essentials hair products

Honestly, it does not bother me to have a mix and match regimen – it works, but it would be nice to have the option to pair down my products to just one line.  Especially one that is formulated by the same company as my relaxer.  What do you think of my list of possible lines?  Is having a “one brand” regimen at all important to you?  Would it make your hair journey easier?  Sound off below!!!

  • Lisa

    I Think that Organic Root System have pretty much everything in their line for relaxed heads and Bee mine everything for naturalistas.

    Generallly, i Think that people should Think about all the money They spend on beauty products. Hair specifidally is dead materia. No matter what you add to your hair (scalp excluded) it wont have any effect on your hair. I am no angel y self i buy hair products myself but when you Think about that the americans buy cosmetics and beauty supplies for 8 billion a year, it makes you Think. And when you learn that 7 billion would be enough to ensure that every body o the planet have acess to fresh water it puts all into a new perspective. Im not trying to make you all feel guilty but when you already have 5 bottles at home, Think again before you buy that 7th bottle for you (dead) hair. Do to really need it? Or does any of your other stuff work ok? It is not only the money that could be passed on to the next level but also the work for the society to take care of the packaging when the jar or bottle is emptied.

    Im not blaming the consumers but the producers that put to much money into convincing people to spend their money on renovating themselves. Best thing you guys can do is buy fake trade stuff. I know a company that Sells Shea butter and black soap directly from Ghana. Good stuff for you hair and the profit goes straight to the african women and their families.

    • Well, I actually disagree with ORS – my hair doesn’t respond to oil moisturizers primarily comprised of mineral oil and they haven’t had a gentle shampoo until the recent release of their Curls Unleashed products which are technically a different line, that’s why I didn’t include them in “my” list but a lot of ladies do use their products almost exclusively. I agree that while hair is dead the follicles are very much alive so I don’t think we need to spend as MUCH as we do on our hair, if its necessary its a cheaper habit then say a jewelry addiction or something! lol.

  • Agree with “e been hoarders” lol. It seems I can’t find everything my hair needs in one product line.

    • LOL, its definitely hard to do and I don’t think a lot of lines put their efforts into making every single product great. Like some conditioners are better, some have great moisturizers, some great relaxers. There really aren’t that many options to even TRY to do all one product line.

  • Blessed Tresses (Robin)

    I think it would be great to have a single product line. For a while I used Hydratherma Naturals and I thought it was a great line for relaxed and natural hair. I liked the idea of going to one product line for everything I needed when it comes to moisture/protein balance. I’ve been trying a few products from Silk Elements and am very interested in the Profectiv MegaGrowth line. I can’t wait for your review. Great post!!!

    • I really liked the Hydratherma Naturals products that I tried but then she began getting HORRIBLE reviews on LHCF from so many ladies reporting they never received their products. After that I was scared to order to be honest. I actually am REALLY surprised by how impressed I am with the line so far, but I don’t believe it can be used exclusively because its mostly protein based. But I used the relaxer on my cousin while home and I can’t wait to post her review and experience with the products. She’s making it her staple relaxer from now on.

  • I think I could do all one line if it was Organic Root Stimulator. Although, I won’t stray from my Affirm Relaxer.

    • I know that’s right! Switching relaxer is NOOOOO joke, even within the same company – had to learn the hard way! lol

  • Yvonne

    I agree with Kim below, ORS is my one stop shop, but variety keeps things fresh!

    • So many of you are saying ORS, but even with the chelating shampoo and oil moisturizer? I actually prefer the carrot oil because it contains no mineral oil or petroleum but it seems like it is becoming more and more difficult to find.

  • Nia

    I agree with Kim. ORS def has some great products. I put myself on a no buy to use up all my stash and now I’m looking for my staples. I was thinking about trying to use all one line but I can’t. I don’t want to keep trying different products when I know exactly what works.

    • LOL! I’m not sure I will ever be able to do it either, but I definitely have a few staples that I consider my go-to products.

  • LaShanda Eller

    I personally love Alterna products. I know they are not a traditional “black” product per se, but I think this is the only line I would feel comfortable using exclusively (sans the relaxer of course!)

    • Hmmm, I have to look up ALterna to find out more about them!

  • Simply Into My HAIR

    I think the nearest to a one stop product line for me would be Organic Root Stimulator, although they don’t have fantastic detangler or leave in within their line.

    • Yeah, and I don’t like their moisturizer either BUT I love their conditioners and I hear nothing but good things about the relaxer.

  • LaToya Sheppard

    I think that Silk Elements probably comes closest to having everything I would need. Their box relaxer is awesome! Motions and Elasta QP are pretty good too.

    • Wow, SE huh? I wouldn’t even have considered that line, their products were just okay for me when I tried them. Do you use a Silk Elements moisturizer?