Wigging for Length Retention ~ Owigs Full Lace Wig

Wigging for Length Retention ~ Owigs Full Lace Wig


I kept delaying beginning my wig regimen because of commitments I felt required wearing my hair out (more later) but I’m so over that and ready to take a break and retain length so wigs to the rescue!  To prep my hair, I prepooed (coconut oil), washed (Obia Naturals Coconut Shea shampoo bar), conditioned (ApHogee Keratin Recontructor) then dried my hair loosely under my hooded dryer.  Once dry, I moisturized my hair using my modified LOC method:  liquid (Bee Mine Juicy Spritz), cream (Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer) then oil (grapeseed).  My hair was clean, conditioned and moisturized sufficiently.  Ready for wigs!  I decided to visit a stylist to have my hair braided.

Wig Regimen Braiding Pattern

The stylist braided my hair in a beehive (circular) pattern, which I specifically requested so my ends would not be loose or exposed for maximum retention with healthy ends. Very secure, neat small but not too tiny and not overly tight.  She sewed the loose end down in the middle leaving me with a perfectly flat base for whatever wig I choose to wear.  Also this pattern will remain secure while following my wig regimen without the braids unraveling or needing to be redone.  I plan to keep the braids in for about six weeks before repeating the process.

After my braids were done, I took my Owigs Full Lace wig to a stylist in my current city for a bit of customizing.  I love the way she cuts weave because she tapers the ends for very natural layers and hemline, but good lawdt she reminded me why I’ve given up on going to the salon regularly.  She didn’t start my haircut until nearly two hours after my appointment.  This particular stylist is probably the worst I’ve ever had in terms of time management, but the cut was only $25 and I love the results so I guess it was okay since I only go to her every blue moon.  She can forget ever having me as a regular again.  Anyway, in the video below, I talk a bit about the wig and show the before, during and after.

I recommend always customizing your wigs to fit your face – no matter how much or little you pay, a bit of tweaking takes it to the next level as you just saw.  The only thing I forgot to mention in the video is that I did add a bit of concealer along the part to better match my scalp.

Owigs Full Lace Wig Before and After

Thank you for all of your positive feedback on Instagram!  Many of you commented that it looks great and is natural – I appreciate it!  This will be my “go-to” day to day wig this winter.  Its professional but just glamorous enough in my opinion.  I will be giving you a full review in a few months but I think Owigs, especially for the price, has a good product.  Stay tuned for my continued thoughts.

Wig Details: http://www.owigs.com/

  • product code: ps008-s
  • Hair Length: 16″
  • Hair Color: 1b
  • Hair Texture: Yaki Straight
  • Lace color: Light Brown
  • cap size: 3
  • Cap construction: glueless
  • Well jeeze! I want to go do this! I miss wearing my hair straight, maybe I can do this and just flat iron my natural hair.

    • LOL! Definitely! Wigs give me my fix for whatever I’m missing in my own hair at the moment. And because they can be re-worn for so long, it saves money in the long run.

  • Simply Into My HAIR

    You’re looking beautiful Ebony! I need to get a new full lace, is this one a glueless cap and are the knots at the front bleached?

    • Thank you! It is a glueless cap – I thought I mentioned that in the video but it must’ve slipped my mind. The knots are bleached fairly well actually – but they aren’t necessarily invisible, you can see a close up in the video at 4:50. 🙂

  • jnicole078

    Its pretty and looks good on you.

  • Lesley Buckle

    So pretty! Love the wig, I agree in that it looks so natural x

  • Suzan

    OMG i know your probably tired of hearing this but gwerl your face is glowing and i the weight loss makes you ooh like a difffrent person!

    • Now how I could I ever get tired of hearing that?! Thank you so much!

  • Courtnea2001

    Girl that wig is fierce!!! *snaps fingers for emphasis*

  • Tiffanita

    The wig looks great, but more importantly, YOU look fantastic!

  • You and me both Ebony! Good luck!

    Abbi of http://belowthawaist.blogspot.jp/

  • One day I’ll give wigs an honest try. It looks amazing.

  • Hera Wigs

    I want to know how much time you have token to make this style. Why not buy one wig directly from http://www.herawigs.com ?

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