Wigs Gone Wrong!

Wigs Gone Wrong!


Okay, ya’ll are my witnesses.  Ya’ll know how good my wig looked when I first reviewed it, right?

My wig the first few weeks...
My wig the first few weeks…

It isn’t my imagination…it really did look good!  Well, um…when I went home, I washed the wig and as I sat it out to dry, I decided to try to tweeze a bit of the part and add a bit more concealer to make it look “better”.  HUGE MISTAKE!  Why couldn’t I just leave well enough alone.  Originally, I convinced myself that the little adjustments improved the appearance.  Until I looked at the photos we took that evening….

Me and one of my closest friends in the whole world, Christina!

Um yeah – that Moses part only works for the Red Sea.  Funny thing, it was the first time my date had seen the wig and he later commented “I don’t care for that [wig] much…its this (pointing to the part) right here that I don’t really like.”  I laughed, thanked him for his honesty and assured him, it doesn’t normally look that bad.  That was comical to me, I love an honest man!  LOL!

After adjusting the wig back to "normal"
After adjusting the wig back to “normal”

Anyway, I adjusted the wig for my interview and my father thought I had taken my hair down so I obviously fixed the problem.  Just letting you know, not all techniques work for everyone and we all have bad hair days, make a few mistakes and it helps to have HONEST people around who will check you on it!


  • Li

    Very true! Honest people you should keep close!

  • Jeimy Hernandez

    loved his honesty

  • haha that was funny! I like that style with the braid, very cute.

    Abbi of http://belowthawaist.blogspot.jp/

  • lol, this was too funny! And your date’s reaction was classic. I enjoyed this story, Ebony.

    • It really is classic! Of course if he’s around for a while, this story will always be in rotation btw us! lol

  • Courtnea2001

    You look great Ebony!

  • You still look cute as a button. Hope the interview went well. Wishing you all the best.

  • I love that he was honest, you looked great for your interview, hope it works out well. 🙂

  • Lol “That Moses part only works for the Red Sea.” had me cracking up!! Great post. I have been loving your wig looks. Kudos to your date for telling you the truth. Hope your interview went well!

  • blutifulblaq

    You look amazing!!

  • Evalyne Njeri

    Your date was so Honest! This post had me laughing so hard! Anyway the after pictures look good. I guess that is why it is a journey. we learn a we go. 🙂

    • Girl he WAS! And you’re exactly right – it’s important to be able to laugh at ourselves and get better!

  • Danielle Bee

    how did you get it back to normal?