Winter Natural Hair Protective Styles

Winter Natural Hair Protective Styles


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I’ve been natural since November 2009 and I’ve been lusting over all of the protective styles since then (ESPECIALLY box braids and twists). So I finally got some box braids! After having them for a week they’re finally starting to feel “comfortable”. I decided that with the change of weather, I wanted to give my hair a break and protect it from the cold New York elements.

If you’re like me and want to protect your tresses from the cold harsh winter elements here are some other options you can consider:

Half Wig – A half wig covers the back portion of the hair/head. The front portion of the hair is exposed and can (should) be styled to match and blend with the texture of the wig. This is a great option if you want a slight change but don’t want to commit to anything too drastic or if you want to try different styles to get an idea of how your hair would look if you styled your entire head that way.

Full Wig – Full wigs are AMAZING. They give you the option to change up your style and look often without much hassle. Before wearing a full wig it is important to protect your own hair by braiding or flat twisting it (so that it lays flat under the wig) and apply a wig cap on top of the braids or twists.

Havana/Marley Twists – Twists have become really popular over the past year. They’re a quick way to add length and versatility to your hair. But, they’ve also proven to be simple enough for most naturals to install them ourselves. Many like these twists because the texture of the hair used is similar to our own curly, coily, kinky hair so the twists blend with our own hair very well.

Box Braids – I chose box braids because in my experience (when I was relaxed) they’ve always lasted a good while – a few weeks – and were easy to style. In the next few weeks I’ll be sharing on my personal blog [] how I prepared my natural hair and extensions for the installation. Box braids can be installed on many different hair textures and at many different lengths.

Sew-In with Closure – I am soooo curious about these. I really want one but because I suffer from dry scalp I’m concerned that my scalp won’t react kindly to being hidden for an extended period of time. This is my Dream Protective Style. LOL. I am so serious. Not only do you have the option of styling “your” hair however you want and using heat on it without worrying about heat damage but ALL of your natural hair is tucked away and protected.

Sew-In with Leave-Out – I see a lot of naturals with sew-ins who have leave out because they don’t like how the closures look once they start to grow out. I like this option on them because (usually) they look really natural. I personally wouldn’t want any leave out though if my hair texture was really different from that of the extensions because I would have to blend the two. If I have extensions I want them to be hassle-free! I don’t want to have to do anything. (Am I the only one?)

Of course it’s also possible to achieve protective styles using your own hair without adding any extensions but sometimes we just want to have a little fun. Have you ever tried protective styling during the cold months? Which style did you choose?


  • S.O.S Hair

    I’m really digging Havana/Marley Twists right now. I just don’t have the patience or time to install. Call me lazy!



  • Abbi N

    I love wigs for protective styling but I’m toying with the idea of some box braids, twists, or large cornrows next go-round.
    Abbi of

  • Nia

    Twists are my go to protective style. They’re simple enough that I can do them myself and they don’t take long to take down.

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  • I wish I could wear my regular hair in twist, my hair looks so thin by the time i put them in, not flattering at all to me. I do love my marley twist though, they are so much easier when you take them out too. I think that might me go to style for the winter with the promise to myself to actually wash my hair in between I also have been itching to try a weave with a closure for some reason I want to wear something crazy but I can’t for work.

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