Winter Natural Hair Regimen Changes

Winter Natural Hair Regimen Changes

40630027 - close up portrait of a cute african american girl with afro hairstyle
40630027 - close up portrait of a cute african american girl with afro hairstyle
40630027 – close up portrait of a cute african american girl with afro hairstyle

In New York, the cold winter months can wreck havoc on natural hair.  I rely heavily on protective hairstyles during the winter to ensure that my natural hair retains as much moisture as possible. Also because we are wearing heavier clothing (sweaters, hats, scarves) keeping my hair up prevents it from being damaged and robbed of moisture from my clothing.  Aside from tucking my hair away, I make a few simple adjustments to my winter natural hair regimen to keep it healthy despite the cold.

Co-Wash or Shampoo Bar. During the winter I co-wash more because it does not strip the hair of its natural oils and moisture. For those who don’t like co-washing or the idea of it, you can try a shampoo bar. There are many shampoo bars on the market but I tend to use ones that are extra moisturizing (or claim to be).  Two popular options are OBI Naturals Coconut & Shea Shampoo Bar or Hydratherma Naturals Buttery Shampoo Bar.

Deep Condition. One of the best things you can do for your hair during the cold months is deep treating it. I try to deep condition my hair at least once a month during the winter and it really helps keep it soft and manageable and prevent breakage. I use my Hair Therapy Wrap when I deep condition which is super convenient.  Ebony has spoken highly of the benefits of using a hair steamer to deep condition, particularly during the winter when the air is so much drier.

Castor Oil! I introduced castor oil to my hair regimen last fall and have been using it ever since; because it is so thick, castor oil really is one of the best sealants for the cold weather.  I use the LOC Method during the cold months and Castor Oil is my oil of choice because it does an excellent job of helping my hair retain moisture from deep conditioning and moisturizing. Read more on the LOC Method or watch my demonstration below.  During the warmer months, I often skip the LOC Method but I never skip it during the winter. Sealing in moisture is crucial!

What are some of your winter natural hair regimen changes and product additions? Please share them with me!

Winter Natural Hair Regimen Adjustments

  • Georgette E

    Great article! I shampoo biweekly with a shampoo bar. I continue to DC and use a heavier oil. I also use a heavy/cream leave in!

    • Glad you enjoyed. Monet has convinced me to try shampoo bars…I’m excited about it.

  • BlueCornMoon

    For past few years I’ve worn wigs or cornrows & afro puffs of & on when it got really cold in January. Best protective style ever. Last year & this year it’s been wigs all the way thru fall & winter. I usually used CURLs products and /or Qhemets but this year with the weather getting snowy,dry & cold in November I decided to go old school & use mostly grease & water like my mom did because it sealed & retained moisture better. Hadn’t used grease since I wore an afro in the 60s & 70s & even then it wasn’t serious heavier grease like Dax, Blue Magic & Ultra Sheen but Alberto VO5, Perm Repair,& Vitapointe because my hair is fine & the greases were too heavy. This time,I’m using Dax pomade & Blue Magic bergamot. I just wash with WEN fig, deep condish or steam with Qhemet,Nubian Heritage, Shea Moisture, or Megatek, apply a leave in of diluted S Curl or one of the Qhemets seal with Blue Magic or Dax & braid it up.So far,so good. Moisturized hair, no dryness or split ends

  • Great job of keeping all the ladies up to date on anything dealing with natural hair. We sometimes forget how much effort women put into looking beautiful.