You MUST Speak Up at the Salon!

You MUST Speak Up at the Salon!



Recently I visited a professional to have my hair braided for wig wear.  When I sat down, the stylist began combing my hair with a small tooth comb.  She only did about four rakes before I stopped her and asked “Are you using a small toothed comb?”  She replied no, and showed me this tiny little comb with a ton of my hair in it!  I was horrified! “Do you have a wide tooth comb instead?”  Now this stylist – who I really like – is a kitchen beautician.  I don’t mean that in a disrespectful way at all.  We all have friends or know people who have been doing hair practically all their lives out of their homes.  This particular stylist is licensed but seems to have the knowledge expected of a non-professional.  Even so, I was shocked when she grabbed a comb of practically the same size and asked “This one?” Chileeeeee, I was thinking before I let you do that, we’ll have to finger comb through this mane.  Luckily it did not come to that because I had a wide toothed comb in my purse which she readily agreed to use (I appreciated her willingness to do as I requested).  She quickly finished combing through the rest of my hair with my comb and when she handed it back to me….no hair.  DUH!  I only wish she realized the difference.

Next she wanted to clarify what I wanted before getting started.  I told her I wanted my hair braided in a beehive pattern because I would be wearing a wig.  She responded that she normally does individual cornrows straight back then braids the ends together and sews them flat and asked if that would be okay.  I paused and replied that I really preferred the beehive because it protects my ends better and stays more secure when I wash and condition.  Luckily I had a very agreeable stylist who did not argue or try to dissuade me from my wishes.

The point is, you absolutely MUST speak up when your stylist is doing something damaging or against your wishes.  I know we all want to be polite and not step on toes but staying silent – even if for only one service – can lead to a setback!  I already struggle with retaining thick ends, if she had continued to comb my hair with that small comb, imagine how that would have affected my hair!  Most service professionals of any field, if they are truly a professional, will listen to their client, patient, patron, whatever.  So find your voice during your salon visits!

  • mandy

    So very true…

  • I had the same experience with the comb when I went to get my sew in done but I stopped her after the first stroke lol I walked with my combs because it seems to me that they never use wide tooth combs.

  • I totally agree. Can you imagine how much hair you would have list if you didn’t speak up? Only thank God she was willing to listen!

    • OMG, yes thank goodness. I hate going back-n-forth when I request something. It’s just awkward and makes me paranoid during the rest of the service!

  • Andrea Andre

    Yes yes yes!!! I totally agree with you.
    And some stylists get angry at you when you speak up, but what about all the hard work you have been putting on your hair so it looks nice and healthy?? I don’t even give them time of day when they get angry, because I am paying for a service, so I should be happy with the outcome. 🙂

    This is a wonderful post because most of us go through this all the time. Great one Ebony 🙂

  • Fashion Pad

    Girl I wish I would have paid more attention to my previous stylists. My hair was badly damaged when I finally made it to my current, healthy hair focused stylist. I was thinking….well, they’re the expert, but lawd help me everyone who has a ‘license’ is not an expert.

    • RIGHT! You’re sitting there thinking “Well…they are the professional here, so I don’t want to say anything” while they jack you up! I especially hate when you do muster up the courage to speak up and they decline your advice. SMH!

  • Great post! and you are so right. I can remember getting my hair done in the past and cringing because I wasn’t happy with the way my hair was being handled. Needless to say, I wanted to be polite and didn’t voice my concerns. I will be speaking up in the future!

    • YES! And when they are not open to customer feedback it makes it even harder but now I’m extremely determined to always speak up!

  • JJ

    yes thank you for saying that. I currently am experiencing a set back ;( due to a terrible Dominican salon experience from combing. I am so upset because I was just working from another issue. However, my set back is a set up for never taking no ishh again.

    • UGH! I’m soooooo sorry to hear that! I’ve had a few setbacks at the hands of a “professional” and nothing is worse than having a setback caused by someone else. But you are absolutely right for us both – we will recover even better!

  • You are so right. I usually feel like I’m stepping one toes but I can’t afford any more setbacks. I’m glad your stylist was so agreeable; sometimes they wanna give you the side eye.

    • YES! The worst is when they argue with you using the dumbest logic. This same girl also told me I conditioned my hair too much (once a week) and should decrease it to once per month. I couldn’t even smile and nod…I was like “UM NO.” Even though I never even let her do anything to my hair except braid or weave it, I just couldn’t let that stupidity fly! lol

      But on the positive side she is very agreeable to what I say I want. I love that!

  • Sometimes speaking up leads to a dead end because s/he feels they are the master stylist and are not open to recommendation. Thankfully you did not have that issue.

    • Absolutely! I hate that, esp when its an urgent situation and you need your hair done and don’t have the freedom to just get up and walk out ya know?