MANICure Monday: Zoya Gemma with Flower Nail Art

MANICure Monday: Zoya Gemma with Flower Nail Art


Since I’ve challenged myself to use each and every nail polish before purchasing more, my weekly manicures have become a lot more fun and if you haven’t noticed I’ve returned to doing some nail art!  I’m a bit rusty but quite happy that the joy of creating new designs to use more than one polish in the same manicure.  Funny I’m noticing that I gravitate towards grabbing polishes I’ve already used and love, which is why this challenge is necessary – it is forcing me to use my entire collection.  Anywhoo, this week features rather a rather simple nail art design with one hand-painted flower on the ring finger as an accent.  Still – I was able to use four polishes, three of which I haven’t used yet.  #Score!!!

Zoya Gemma with Purple Accent Flower 017

 (Left to right) Zoya Gemma, Zoya Carly, OPI Funky Donkey

flower nail art

Basic Flower Nail Art Instructions

(1) Apply a bonding basecoat – I honestly like this one by Salon Sciences better than the infamous Orly Bonder.  (2) Paint all nails with three coats of Zoya Gemma (it’s rather streaky).  (3) On the 4th finger use a medium width nail art brush to create three asymmetrical lines using OPI Funkey Donkey which intersect at the outer corner of the nail.  These are the “petals” of the flower.  (4) With a thin nail art brush outline the petals with black nail polish.  Add small lines in the center of the flower to add a bit more detail. The strokes of your nail art do not need to be perfect, streakiness and imperfection add to the artistic flair of the flower.  (6)  Using a small nail art dotter tool, with Zoya Carly, add small dots around the petals of the flower and one larger dot in the center of the flower.  (7)  Allow to dry and finish with the top coat of your choice.  (8) Repeat with the other hand.

flower nail art
Left Hand

Love the results and this manicure brings my current total of “used polishes” to 8 used since February 1!  This floral nail art design is one of my favorites and I’m always doing variations of it.  As you can see it not difficult to do on your dominant hand – I didn’t even require any “clean up” this week, which is always a bonus for me since I hate doing it.

flower nail art
Right Hand
  • Trice

    Great nails!

  • Fashion Pad

    I love them! I have soooo many bottles of polish in my collection and I need to take up your challenge before I buy any more as well.

  • LaQT/ Ty

    Very nice. It seems simple. Love the green Zoya. So hard to find a flattering green. I gave away all my nail polish during the move so now I have an excuse to start another polish binge.

  • I not coming back until my nails look better than yours! LMAO These are so dope. I love that you tutorials, I know I said that before but still. I just paint and don’t think about tell people!!!