Ask the Professional | Celebrity Stylist Yvette Shelton

Ask the Professional | Celebrity Stylist Yvette Shelton

Yvette Shelton, Regina King, Longing 4 Length, Luxe Therapy, Ask the Professional
Yvette Shelton (center) with Regina King (left) and Patti LaBelle (right)

As a healthy hair enthusiast, I have always patronized and promoted the skills and services delivered by hair care professionals.  I especially love when cosmetologists are receptive to seeing what appears to be working for vloggers and bloggers and incorporate it with their training, knowledge and experience to deliver superior service to their clientele.  In the case of today’s healthy hair professional, Yvette Shelton also delivered a product I absolutely love and can benefit us all in our hair care at home, the Luxe Therapy Scalp Soother!

Luxe Therapy Scalp Soother Review (2) - Longing 4 Length
Luxe Therapy Scalp Soother

Yvette Shelton is a celebrity hair stylist and has worked on many movies and televisions shows such as Idlewild, Southland and The Carmichael Show to name a few.  She is also the stylist for phenomenal actress and burgeoning director, Regina King.

Yvette Shelton, Regina King, Longing 4 Length, Luxe Therapy, Ask the Professional
Yvette Shelton (center) with Regina King (left) and Patti LaBelle (right)

I had the opportunity to ask Ms. Shelton a few questions that are frequently asked within the online hair community, so I am happy to be able to present Ask the Professional.

Why do so many women have trouble with their edges while wearing protective styles and how can it be avoided?
Yvette: Let’s start by saying protective styles are great. As women if color it helps us maintain our acquired looks rather than doing all the wild and wonderful things to our own natural tresses. I have found that we over process our hair with chemicals, colors and heat to maintain smooth edges. We as stylist are to blame in some cases due to the tension in our techniques. But that was then. We now have several edge control options that can help us love our edges again. Here are a few of my favorites: DREAM EDGES, VONTE SILK EDGES, LAYRITE POMADE. There are several brands to try, mix and match to find your no heat combination.

What are the keys for growing your real hair through protective styling?
Yvette: You need to find a suitable style that works for you. Keep your hair clean and conditioned between installs and find a good hair vitamin.  There is also the age old argument on whether or not you should cut your hair while growing it out. To this I say just monitor your growth pattern and if the cutting process works you should proceed with what works. There’s no real science to hair growth.

What is one technique you wish hair bloggers would stop promoting?
Yvette: I don’t have an answer to this question, however I do wish that wigs weren’t worn so much as a everyday hair style. I would love for our lovely patrons would go back to the salon instead of looking to YouTube for expert techniques. Your stylist will help you maintain a healthy hair and scalp to promote your hair growth.

What are your thoughts on keratin treatments? Good or bad?
Yvette:  This depends on the health and texture of your hair. It can be a good and bad thing. Consult with your stylist to discuss if you are a good candidate for this treatment. This is treated like a relaxer. I have heard good and bad experiences.

Yvette Shelton, Regina King, Longing 4 Length, Luxe Therapy (1)
Two looks created by Yvette Shelton

What services should clients should clients ALWAYS seek out a professional to perform?
Yvette: Color, relaxer, keratin treatments, extensions, hair cuts – these are all things that I would suggest clients seek professional help. There are several gifted people that can achieve all of the above but wouldn’t you feel better knowing your stylist is a licensed professional?

What tips do you have to maintain healthy ends?
Yvette:  As I said before the on going debate of the ends and the trimmed ends. If your ends are frayed you can’t save them. You should trim to say the rest if the hair shaft, if it’s too frayed it will continue to split. If it’s not bad you can coat your hair with clear or colored cellophane. Hit oil treatments and deep conditioning is always our friend.

What are some of the most common reasons some women end up damaging their hair while wearing weaves?
Yvette:  Extremely tight installs adds extra tension to your scalp and hair breaks. Leaving your extensions in for longer than advised. Your cornrows matte together and cause breakage when removing.  Relaxing or coloring your entire head of hair before your extension install. It becomes weak and brittle that leads to breakage.

What are things women should look for when choosing a new stylist?
Yvette:  Clients should look for some that is into hair care. Even if you are into trendy looks or even protective styles you still need a stylist that can care for your natural hair. Then if or when you decide to wear your natural tresses it will be healthy.